Anita mastectomy prostheses ensure a natural look and feeling.

Hi DDD, I haven't tried the Anita Prosthesis, but I have quite a collection of different types of Foobs and Prosthesis. My preference is for Amoena forms, but I have bought a few different types online by following their fitting directions. The sizes are usually bra size related so it is reasonably easy to get a good fit. The other way is to find a local supplier where you can actually try on the style you are wanting to buy.

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Anita 1057 Partial breast Prostheses with filler material for expansion and perfect fit

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The new breast prosthesis is simply amazing. Amoena are the largest manufacturer in the world of these products and they just keep reinventing the breast prosthesis to ensure that women have the widest possible choice when it comes to getting a prosthesis to suit them.
As Amoena themselves say..
Amoena have made this form so that it looks natural in the sheerest bra, is reduced weight and best of all for summer, it has Amoena’s Comfort+ technology in the silicone to keep you cool on hot days. Plus, the three dimensional pearl surface combined with the addition of air-flow channels to maximize ventilation to help your skin breath behind the form.

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Made in Germany by Anita, this prosthesis has a soft silicone front, a microfibre back and an opening to allow you to add fibre filling (supplied) to ensure a perfect fit should your size change.

Anita Care Jamari Mastectomy One Piece Swimsuit, L2 6263, is an eye-catching turquoise animal print tank with solid color band at the neckline.

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Anita Care TriWing Silicone Prosthesis Full Form is indicated for full weight compensation after full surgery and can be used on both sides. It is made of 100 percent silicone and contact surface is 100 percent cotton. It is constructed with moulded charmeuse shell with elastane. It is available in skin color only.

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I have also been wearing a prosthetic for years-close to 8 years now too. I have wondered about the Anita forms since I have mostly used Amoena . I would love to know how they compare. I used to buy Anita bras but the Amoena form that I currently have does not seem to work with the Anita bras (but I wish it did). Looking forward to hearing if others have experience with this. My fitter is no longer in business so it has become challenging for me to find the right fit.

Anita care – as the only manufacturer worldwide – develops and produces breast forms, mastectomy bras and swimwear in-house.

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To be more straightforward, How does a size 3 amoena triangle compare to a size 3 anita triangle? There are no fitters where I live, I do not have insurance that covers prosthesis, and must rely on help from this list and other internet sources. Thus far I have had good results. But now I have a question for those who have compared the amoena and anita forms. Thank you! I guess I should add that I have been wearing prosthesis for 8 years.

Our collection of prostheses and partial breast forms have been specially selected to give you the best choice possible.

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Hi, I have been using Amoena prosthesis for many years. I saw a good buy online for a similar looking Anita prosthesis(triangle). Anyone know if these are sized and shaped similarly? If so, are they also relatively interchangeable in bras and swimsuits? Thanks.

Anita Care Stella Prosthesis Bra 5715X. Prosthesis bra with pockets on both sides.

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Anita Care Silicone Prosthesis Full Breast Form can be used on the left or the right side. It indicates full weight compensation after full mastectomy and compensates on upper area and under arms. This form has flat edging at side and …