What is the diathesis-stress model?

Dupuytren’s diathesis is the term that has come into recent use to indicate not a different type of Dupuytren contracture. In this application a Dupuytren diathesis indicates a more aggressive or advanced degree or severity of the basic hand contracture problem and its likelihood to recur even after treated. People with Dupuytren’s diathesis are much more likely to have ancestors with Dupuytren, and are more likely to pass the tendency for Dupuytren on to their children than people with a milder expression of Dupuytren.

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The importance of recognizing the presence of a Dupuytren’s diathesis is that it indicates a condition that is more tenacious for recurrence after surgical repair and more likely to worsen, as well, in spite of efforts for correction.

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Therefore, from my experience, this indicates that those with a Dupuytren diathesis should be slower and more reluctant to submit to surgical intervention and faster to attempt non-invasive Alternative Medicine support to attempt natural elimination or reversal of the Dupuytren cords that result in finger contractures.

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In contrast to the biopsychosocial model, which describes the interdependence of depression causes, the diathesis-stress model talks about the relatio.


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Protein diathesis is a colloquial term for intolerance of protein contained in cow’s milk. Sometimes, however, this may also include other food products, such as eggs, citrus, meat or . On the other hand, casein – a component of cow’s milk – has the highest allergenicity. Sensitization also appears under the influence of whey protein. It is very often a base of nutrients for athletes. Protein intolerance is usually manifested by skin lesions or disorders of the digestive system. Sensitized people may have red pimples on the skin of the neck and face. We can also deal with diarrhea, reduced resistance to infections or so-called gastro-oesophageal reflux (withdrawal of food from the stomach to the esophagus). Headaches, coughs and vomiting are much less common.

Diathesis stress model vs biopsychosocial model

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Diathesis is a medical term that means a tendency toward a particular condition; so that a Dupuytren’s diathesis is a term that indicates such a strong tendency toward this problem that it displays more severe or aggressive signs and symptoms of Dupuytren’s contracture than average. This is so much so, that someone with Dupuytren diathesis will often have a higher rate of developing complications after surgery to correct the finger and hand contractures, and to re-develop finger and hand contractures within a year or two.

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is a condition characterized by thickening and shortening of fibrous bands of deep tissue of the palm of the hand (palmar fascia) that result in a of the hand and finger contracture. This soft tissue problem has never been classified into specific types or categories of involvement. However, it does present in a wide variation from mild and slowly progressing contracture of a single finger, to severe and rapidly progressive involvement of several fingers of both hands. A more severe form of Dupuytren contracture has been termed a Dupuytren diathesis.