Standard analytical techniques for solid-phase synthesis

Combinatorial synthesis in Solution: Despite the focus on the use of solid-phase techniques for the synthesis of combinatorial libraries, there have been few examples where libraries have successfully been made and screened in solution.

Analytical Techniques in Combinatorial Chemistry

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Combinatorial synthesis on Solid-phase: Since Merrifield pioneered solid phase synthesis back in 1963, work, which earns him a Nobel Prize, the subject, has changed radically. Merrifield’s Solid Phase synthesis concept, first developed for biopolymer, has spread in every field where organic synthesis is involved. Many laboratories and companies focused on the development of technologies and chemistry suitable to SPS. This resulted in the spectacular outburst of combinatorial chemistry, which profoundly changed the approach for new drugs, new catalyst or new natural discovery.

Solid Phase Synthesis - Solid-Phase Combinatorial Chemistry

Synthesis of Combinatorial Library: Combinatorial synthesis on solid phase can generate very large numbers of products, using a method described as mix and split synthesis. This technique was pioneered by Furka and has been enthusiastically exploited by many others since its first disclosure. For example, Houghten has used mix and split on a macro scale in a "tea bag" approach for the generation of large libraries of peptides.

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