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Hello. I was born in Ulyanovsk, Russia in 1985. Currently, I live in Germany. In 1990, while still a small child, I was hit by a train and lost my right arm and right leg. I spent a year in a coma in the hospital, having more surgeries to transplant skin to my residual limb. I still have scars on my healthy leg because of it. In two years I came back home.

I decided to open this page because I became tired of being ashamed of myself. First stage is denial, last one is acceptance. I decided not to hide from myself, but to face my issues, live with them, and try to have fun in life. Looking at myself in the mirror every day, I realized that I am a woman, who can bring beauty into this world. Thats why I decided to become a model. Currently, I am really interested in this subject, because there are some people who are interested in this characteristic. I am happy that they are there and they help me and and other amputee women to little victories in life over fear and shyness. They help realize that life goes on and its beautiful. That women amputees are sexy, attractive and beautiful.

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Although the anatomic differences between hip disarticulation and transpelvic (hemipelvectomy) amputations are considerable, prosthetic component selection and alignment for both levels are quite similar. The major differences are in socket design and will therefore be discussed in some detail. A full surgical report identifying muscle reattachments along with postoperative radiographs can be extremely valuable during the initial examination of the amputation site, particularly if any portions of the pelvis have been excised. This information, combined with a thorough physical examination and a precise plaster impression, will influence the ultimate fit and function of the prosthesis.

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This is Peter's account of a serie of relationships he has had with women who are amputees. In each case his feelings of guilt caused him to break the relationship off. In the one case when he managed to be open about his feelings of attraction his partner rejected him.

Among his inventions was an above-knee device that was a kneeling peg leg and foot prosthesis ..

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The most important part of any prosthesis is the socket, which provides the man-machine interface. During the initial assessment of the amputee, examination of postoperative radiographs and careful palpation of the pelvis are recommended. Some amputees present as "hip disarticulation" when they have a short femoral segment remaining or as "transpelvic" when part of the ilium, sacrum, or ischium remains. Unanticipated bony remnants can become a puzzling source of discomfort. On the other hand, they may sometimes be utilized to assist suspension or rotary control or to provide partial weight-bearing surfaces. Due to the success of ischial containment transfemoral sockets, the importance of precise contours at the ischium and ascending ramus is now more widely recognized. The same principles can readily be applied to hip disarticulation sockets to increase both comfort and control (Fig 21B-11.).

However upon entering the thread you realize all the pictures are of amputee teenage girls always missing one leg

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Many authors have noted that the rejection rates for lower-limb prostheses are the highest at these proximal levels. The energy requirements to use such prostheses has been reported to be as much as 200% of normal ambulation. At the same time, the lack of muscle power at the hip, knee, and ankle/foot results in a fixed, slow cadence. As a practical matter, only those who develop sufficient balance to ambulate with a single cane (or without any external aids at all) are likely to wear such a prosthesis long-term. Those who remain dependent on dual canes or crutches for balance eventually realize that mobility with crutches and the remaining leg, without a prosthesis, is much faster and requires no more energy expenditure than using a prosthesis does.

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Jan, who was a professional inline speed skater before loosing his leg in a motorcycle accident in 2001, developed a device to assist above knee amputees while riding down stairs and steeps.

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Kathy meanwhile used her hook prosthetics full time, as she had no choice as everyone knew her as Kathy the hook girl plus she had to have some form of immobilization of her arms as the fractures healed. She was even sleeping with them and she only took them off every other day in order to clean them. As school finally started, Kathy was eating lunch with her inseparable girlfriend Josie, when a tall handsome boy walked over. She was too busy looking at his flawless face, to notice that she had something in common with him. She noticed it very quickly after they introduced himself, still a little shyly after she introduced herself. The boy introduced himself as Neil, and they both stuck her right hands out, or, actually, hooks and both of their jaws dropped a mile. They said to each other, simultaneously, “you mean you’re an arm amputee and hook wearer too???!!!”. Kathy said yes and told him her made up story about losing her hands in a farm equipment accident.