is the product of aluminum and sulfur in a synthesis reaction

Other potential mechanisms of rapid cell death are related to the rapid inactivation of sulfhydryl peptides, especially glutathione, and proteins. These sulfhydryl compounds are critical to maintaining the appropriate oxidation-reduction state of cellular components. In particular, enzymes that maintain calcium homeostasis are sulfhydryl dependent, and sulfhydryl depletion may lead to elevated cellular calcium levels and cell death. Glutathione is also thought to be critical in reducing reactive oxygen species in the cell and preventing lipid peroxidation and loss of membrane integrity.

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Another example of a synthesis reaction is the formation of potassium chloride from potassium and :

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Sulfur mustard at neutral pH alkylates purines, pyrimidines, nucleosides, and nucleotides, preferentially at N-7 of guanine and N-1 of adenine. Reactions with 0-6 and N-2 of guanine and N-6 of adenine have also been reported. The following products have been isolated from the reaction of sulfur mustard with DNA (5-18):

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Evidence that the cytotoxicity of sulfur mustard is due to the alkylation of DNA was first obtained in the late 1940s from studies with bacteria, DNA-containing bacterial viruses, and transforming DNA. The later discovery that the sensitivity of bacterial and mammalian cells is critically dependent on the cell's capacity for repairing sulfur mustard-induced DNA damage strongly supports the DNA target hypothesis.

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Sulfur mustard was produced for use in warfare by what is known as the Levinstein process, the reaction of ethylene with sulfur dichloride. The fundamental reactions are the addition of sulfur dichloride to ethylene to form 2-chloroethylsulfenyl chloride (5-3) and the addition of that compound to a second molecule of ethylene (5-4):

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Studies on the mechanism and kinetics of the hydrolysis of sulfur mustard have shown that the first step in this reaction is the formation of a transient cyclic sulfonium cation, which then reacts quickly with water to form 2-chloroethyl-2-hydroxysulfide and a hydrogen ion. The reaction sequence is repeated to give dithioglycol (5-5):

Because we have a +3 charge and a -2 charge, the correct formula for aluminum oxide is Al2O3.

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Aluminium powder heated in steam produces hydrogen and aluminium oxide. The reaction is relatively slow because of the existing strong aluminium oxide layer on the metal, and the build-up of even more oxide during the reaction.

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So far, the reactions you have seen have only one product molecule on the right-hand side of the chemical equation. Be on the lookout for synthesis reactions with multiple products. A familiar example of a more complex synthesis reaction is the overall equation for photosynthesis:

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At temperatures below -183oC, O2condenses to form a liquid with a characteristic light blue colorthat results from the absorption of light with a wavelength of630 nm. This absorption is not seen in the gas phase and isrelatively weak even in the liquid because it requires that threebodies two O2 molecules and a photon collidesimultaneously, which is a very rare phenomenon, even in theliquid phase.