All Quiet on the Western Front was published in March 1929, London.

Their heart's desire was to see theirbeloved English kingdom move forward into the Biblically enlightened flows ofthe Reformation that were then sweeping western Christendom.

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Political action came quitenaturally out of the Puritan character.

The number-ten Project Censored story of 1999 was that the entire Kosovo intervention was a set up from the beginning. The negotiations with Milosevic's Serbia were a sham. The USA-produced Rambouillet "agreement" and Milosevic's refusal to sign it was the official reason that NATO bombed Yugoslavia. The USA did not negotiate in good faith. The Rambouillet proposal was one that no sovereign nation would agree to. The agreement gave NATO personnel unlimited power in the region and complete immunity from any crimes that they might commit. Appendix B of the proposal gave NATO personnel "free and unrestricted passage and unimpeded access throughout the FRY (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), including associated airspace and territorial waters." Clauses 11 and 15 granted NATO "the use of airports, roads, rails, and ports without payment (and) the right to use all the electromagnetic spectrum." The proposal granted NATO arbitrary arrest and detention powers. In short, the Rambouillet proposal turned all of Yugoslavia (not just Kosovo) into occupied territory, a new colonial holding of the USA and friends. That “fine print” was not reported in the USA's media, as Milosevic and Serbs were vilified. As Yugoslavia rejected the Rambouillet proposal, it stated that it would work toward Kosovo's self-management. That also went unreported in the mainstream media, and the day after Yugoslavia refused to ratify the Rambouillet proposal, while proposing its own counteroffer (Yugoslavia had already made their own proposals, some quite generous, which were immediately dismissed by the USA and not reported by our media, ), NATO began bombing them.

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Kurds were unfortunate pawns again. As they fled Iraq for Turkey and Iran, the USA engaged in operation Provide Comfort, which was supposed to succor Kurds who fled. More than seven times as much aid was spent on a Kurdish refugee in Turkey as one in Iran. Kurds essentially were put into concentration camps along the Iraq-Turkey border, and then the Western press decided that their plight was newsworthy (as it was partly caused by our new official enemy, Iraq) for a few moments. A notable aspect of those events was that Turkey was repressing Kurds arguably worse, but the media made that relationship largely invisible to the American public. The USA unilaterally created a "no-fly zone" in northern Iraq, so Iraq could not exert much military influence in its Kurdish region. The "no fly zone" applied to Iraqi's planes, but Turkey's, as the Turkish military, using American equipment, flew into Iraq to bomb Kurds there, which our media generally did not report.

Paul witnesses the extreme violence that defines war during his time spent on the Western Front.
All Quiet on the Western Front shows the change in attitudes of the men before and during the war.

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Turner Classic Movies has all the historic and production details for All Quiet on the Western Front. And we mean all the details.

He was wounded several times and in 1929 he published All Quiet on the Western Front.

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For once, let us unite in forming the one true alternative in the nation of Western Canada which we all can look upon with pride as an accomplishment of our generation, rather than curse the darkness created by previous generations of incompetent politicians.

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Although World War I was a very real event, the testaments of the main character in “All Quiet on the Western Front” is purely fictional, but they are based on the accounts of veterans of the war....