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Other manufacturers of microprocessor prosthetic knees are Ossur who makes the Rheo microprocessor prosthetic knee and Blatchford who makes the Endolite Adaptive 2 microprocessor prosthetic knee.

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McCleve Orthotics & Prosthetics is a provider of world-leading prosthetic technologies and supporting services designed to ensure the best possible outcomes for people with any lower extremity deficiency.

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8. Siqueira MBP, Saleh A, Klika AK. . Chronic suppression of periprosthetic joint infections with oral antibiotics increases infection-free survivorship. 2015;97:1220-32

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Tips: The measurement taken corresponds to the size of ProsthStyle prosthetic cover to be used. Select the prosthetic cover size matching your measurement, or if between sizes select the next size below. Do not select a size larger than your measurement or more than one size below the measurement.

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Figure A shows an example of an Austin-Moore hemiarthroplasty

All this enthusiasm for the new technologies and techniques should not be construed a criticism of more traditional designs. They still have their place and have a proven track record that no new design or component can offer. For those folks who are happy with their existing prosthesis or orthosis there is no need to rush out and change what they are wearing. For anyone who isn’t content with what they are wearing now, a consultation with a well informed and progressive prosthetist or orthotist could yield just the kind of change they are hoping for.

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Amputees are not the only one to benefit from the new technologies, exciting changes are happening in Orthotics as well. Just as dynamic response, or energy storing, feet revolutionized prosthetics twenty years ago, dynamic response A.F.O.’s (ankle-foot orthoses or short leg braces) and K.A.F.O.’s (knee-ankle-foot orthoses or long leg braces) are entering the field today. The most sophisticated of these designs are still quite expensive but can actually allow most individuals who wear a KAFO to be fitted with an AFO, eliminating the bulk and weight of the knee joints entirely! For those individuals who do still require the use of knee joints there are now several designs available that allow the knee joint to unlock / relock automatically with each step. This ends the need to walk with a stiff legged gait that is both uncosmetic and very inefficient.

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But it’s important to remember that learning to walk with a prosthesis is a brand new skill you’re going to acquire, which means it’ll take a little time!