However, I called the main source,

This he believes means that some process had spread the thorium and uranium dust all over the planet, and this process also irradiated the potassium with neutrons in the same pattern.

Maybe that's why the link to his paper died.

Figure 2 below: Brandenburg's second book about Mars, and the face-like object a Cydonia.

on the opposite side of the planet there is another red spot."

follow up its manned flights to the moon with similar missions to Mars, I have only recently come to believe that our Government will never allow such unclassified missions, not just because of concerns about aliens on Mars in its distant past, but also because of the implications of the findings of Dr.

Here's what the cameras captured.

As such, the recent findings about new craters seen on Mars is of interest. If cratering rates are much higher than the 4X lunar rate, then the event age of 180 million year may be too young.

A NASA spacecraft has been beaming to Earth incredibly detailed pictures of the surface of Mars.

A picture of one of the caves is shown below.

I can identify with that because my first book (, published in 1978 under the pen name Etomar Ben Roffman) likewise led to divorce and a very nasty that made the world's press).

Most of the data posted there is also put up on my son's site at .

It's one thing to argue about the poor design of the Tavis transducers used for the Vikings and Mars Pathfinder, and similar problems with the Vaisala transducer used for the Phoenix and MSL landers.

On the Torah Code matrix below the axis term (first term sought) is .

John Brandenburg of Orbitec has apparently been doing research on both the Onion Drive and on . He has a great interest in Gravity-Electro-Magnetic Unification Theory.

At the same skip (-70,216) is .

After reading the accusations in Brandenburg's book and after he discussed with us the problems he encountered with JPL after he challenged their party line, I asked my son to at least

And the beautiful colors and rich textures of the red planet will shock you.

Pay rainforest nations for their oxygen production.

Further, on page 41 he indicates that a few hours after the Cydonia face image was taken at local sunset in Cydonia, JPL lied to the public by indicating that a second image of the area, taken when it had to be dark at Cydonia, had shown the face had disappeared.

Quadruple the size of the Peace Corps and expand its mission.

On pages 39-40 the author details concerns that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) altered the initial blue sky color (with greenish patches on rocks) seen by Viking 1 to a butterscotch sky color with rusty red rocks seen since then.

But I made much of my living with the military as a war plan writer.

The immediate significance of this charge here is that We know that Viking, PathFinderPhoenix and MSL pressure measurements were flawed by clogged dust filters on the pressure transducers.