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The claim that humans possess an innate language learning ability stems from Chomsky (1965), who rejected Skinner's (1957) behaviourist theory that language learning is habit formation through stimulus and response. Chomsky called the special inborn language capability the Language Acquisition Device (LAD). From this he developed the theory that all languages share an underlying system named Universal Grammar. The hypothesis that the ability to learn language is innate has been restated more recently by linguist Steven Pinker who claims that this ability is "hard-wired in the genes".

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Gertler (1999) argues that the best candidate for an analysis in thespirit of the Ability Hypothesis is to identify knowing what it is liketo have an experience of red with the ability to recognize seeing-redexperiences by their phenomenal quality and then goes on to attack thiscandidate: she points out that the ability to recognize seeing-redexperiences by their phenomenal quality can be explained by the factthat I know what it is like to see red but not vice versa.

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But, as pointed out by Tye (2000), this does not underminethe Ability Hypothesis. The Ability hypothesis implies that there issome knowledge that can only be acquired by having experiencesof a particular kind and that this knowledge is nothing butknowing-how. This of course does not exclude that there alsois propositional knowledge that can be acquired bygetting acquainted with kinds of experiences from the first personperspective. The proponent of the Ability Hypothesis only has to insistthat, if there is such propositional knowledge, then itneed not be acquired on that particular basis but isaccessible in other ways as well.

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The hypothesis predicts regular cessation of weak, unintentionally-emitting communication signals (“leakage signals” of radar, radio, TV, etc.) emanating from all early technological civilizations soon after they develop the ability to use electromagnetic communications technology.

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Lewis's main argument for the Ability Hypothesis can be summarizedlike this. (1) The only alternative to the Ability Hypothesis is whathe calls the Hypothesis of Phenomenal Information (HPI).(According to the HPI knowing what it is like is propositional in thefollowing sense: coming to know what it is like involves theelimination of hitherto open possibilities). (2) The HPI isincompatible with physicalism. (3) The Ability Hypothesis is compatiblewith physicalism and explains everything that may be explained by theHPI. Therefore: The Ability Hypothesis should be preferred.

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The hypothesis further predicts that an astronomically short time later these civilizations would reorganize their solar system's planetary matter to achieve vastly greater STEM density, efficiency, and computational capability, a transition we may call a developmental singularity (Smart 2008).