These key words provide a skeleton for much of your chapter outline.

Towards the end, you will even find yourself enjoying it – an enjoyment based on satisfaction in the achievement, pleasure in the improvement in your technical writing, and of course the approaching end.

By Christopher Snook. M.A. thesis, McMaster University 2001.


Examiners have to be nominated and they have to agree to serve.

Here follow some comments on the elements Materials and Methods, Theory, Results and discussion which may or may not correspond to thesis chapters.

S/he will then return it to you with suggestions and comments.

For other theses, it might be appropriate to discuss different techniques in different chapters, rather than to have a single Materials and Methods chapter.

By Robert S. Bosher, Ph.D. Evanston, Illinois: Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, 1962.

If want to wax lyrical about your topic, here is the place to do it.

Galatians3:23- 24), and the ultimate irony and tragedy of the power of sin is itsleading people to look to their own "lawfulness" for justification instead. It is much like confusing a highway exit sign that says "RICHMOND NEXT3 EXITS" with the city itself; the sign points to the destination, butit is by no means itself the destination, and to pull to a stop and chainoneself to the sign is in fact to miss the destination. And, Paulwould say, the ultimate tragedy is that the people who have chained themselvesto the sign (and who are thereby blocking the road for others) aren't evenaware that they have missed the whole point of the journey, which is themain reason why he grieves so earnestly for his fellow Jews in 9:1 andwishes that somehow he could take their place so that they might know thejustification which God had always intended for them.

Go to the library and read several thesis introductions.

. [PDF]
By Cyril H. Powles.
A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment for the requirements of the degree Bachelor of Sacred Theology, University of Trinity College, 1954.
Transcribed by Richard J. Mammana in 2014 from a copy provided by the Right Reverend Dr. Terry M. Brown. Reproduced by kind permission of Marjorie Powles.

Touch them and feel their thickness from time to time – ah, the thesis is taking shape.

There's another important difference, too.

To expedite the submission process, your work must conform to these all information on The Graduate School's Electronic Thesis and Dissertation website.

The standard equation editor for MS Word is point and click, so extremely slow and awkward.

Another note about figures and photographs.

Deadlines. For each of the three annual dates for conferring degrees/convocation, there are corresponding deadlines for initial submission and for deposition of

As you write your thesis, your scientific writing is almost certain to improve.

Try to step back mentally and take a broader view of the problem.

my citations of the thoughts of Lloyd-Jonesand Käsemann concerning this view in part one above). Of course,the Jews themselves are not thinking this way any more than did Paul thinkthis way before he trusted Christ. His description in 7:14-25 isnot a psychological depiction of the agony the Jew feels while trying toobey the law; if it were, the entire Jewish nation would have been rushingto faith in Christ for relief from their struggle! Paul's descriptionis more pointedly the Christian awareness of the inability of humanityapart from God to do what is good, which, in the final analysis, wouldbe to come to Christ on our own and by our own efforts. The purposeof the law is to lead people to Christ for justification (cf.