to the point of never reaching a synthesis.

Noting that words like "alienation,""ideology," and "hegemony" are cropping up in academic journals (particularly those journals that concern themselves with rhetoric) with more and more frequency, this paper explains some of the basic terms used by the political left. The paper notes that such terms tend to come up even in everyday speech, but the meanings in everyday speech are at some remove from their specialized web of meanings. The second part of the paper discusses how Paulo Freire uses several of the terms. Terms defined in the paper include: alienation, "conscientizacao," dialectic, existentialism, hegemony, idealism, ideology, materialism, metaphysics, praxis, problematic, reification, structuralism, thesis, antithesis, synthesis, and war of positions. As far as classroom application of these terms, the paper suggests that when teachers claim they are going to show students how to think, it can too easily mean what to think. The paper points out that Freire would have teachers show students that they can think. A glossary of the terms is attached. (RS)

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Notwithstanding these substantive and often time irreconcilabledifferences, the philosophy of liberation has been recognized as anextremely important and representative philosophical movement thatsynthesized and responded to distinctly Latin American intellectualtraditions and historical challenges. In nearly half a century, otherfigures have aligned themselves with the movement, even if they werenot part of the founding cohort.

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The philosophy of liberation, however, was above all anintellectual and philosophical response and unquestionably synthesisof a series of intellectual and cultural movements that had beengestating for a decade throughout Latin America. The cultural contextwas so ripe with proclamations and thinking about“liberation” that if the philosophy of liberation had notbeen so named in the late sixties and early seventies, today we wouldhave wondered whether philosophers had been abducted from this worldand sequestered in some time capsule. The philosophy of liberation wasboth necessary and inevitable.

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Liberating Paulo: Liberation, Conscientizacao, and Pedagogy