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Once, when they were waiting by the roadside for the coach which was to take Froude back to Oxford, Keble said to him, "Froude, you said you thought Law's 'Serious Call' was a clever book. It seemed to me as if you had said that the Day of Judgment will be a pretty sight."

A Step Back To The Workhouse By Barbara Ehrenreich

Now the option was either to enter the workhouse and abide by its regime or


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A young orphan by the name of Oliver Twist is born in a workhouse
He flees to London at the age of 9, and runs into a group of child thieves led by an elderly man named Fagin and his accomplice Sikes
While trying to escape, Oliver encounters many people including the homeless, thieves, prostitutes, and generous benefactors
During his journey, Oliver learns about himself and his family history
By: Shivani Aggarwal

Arriving to the conclusion that it certainly was, he turned his back upon the scenes of the past, resolved to amend it in some new sphere of action.
Figure 1: Plate of the Alverstoke Gilbert's Parish workhouse, 1800 (Alverstoke Minute Book, HRO PL2/1/1) Hampshire Record Office©

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Necessarily, so short a paper exposes as many questions about the legislation as it answers, not least regarding the typicality, or otherwise, of Alverstoke. Whether other Gilbert’s Act boards managed as effectively as Alverstoke clearly needs further investigation. In addition, it remains unclear as to what happened to those groups not central to Gilbert’s policy, namely able-bodied men and women. Were they temporarily lodged within workhouses, provided with outdoor relief or found employment? Alternatively, did boards of guardians lodge the able bodied in the workhouse and thereby seek to profit from their employment therein even though this was prohibited in the Act? When contractors took over the maintenance and employment of the poor in Alverstoke little appears to have changed for the residents. This may have been due to the meticulous planning of the Board to stipulate a number of rules within the contracts which safeguarded the interests of the poor. Whether the residents of other Gilbert’s workhouses experienced such apparently seamless handovers also requires further investigation.

Figure 1: Plate of the Alverstoke Gilbert's Parish workhouse, 1800 (Alverstoke Minute Book, HRO PL2/1/1) Hampshire Record Office©

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37. On Robinson's distorted or one-sided account of a necessarily mechanistic and economist Marxism, Marxism remakes the world as an automatic result of the spread of capitalist production; thus the world is a mirror of production. On this view, nationalism, if in step with the universalization of market relations, is supported by Marxists but otherwise viewed as backwards. Ultimately, as the market becomes global, so internationalism is expected as the reflexive (thus the mirror) response to these new production relations. Such a view indeed is inadequate, accounting neither for uneven development nor the failure of capital logic to produce its presumably predicted homogeneity. Nationalism, its persistence (just like the persistence of race, tradition, etc.), is thus the aporia that Marxism tries to slough off as it refuses to dissolve in capitalism's wake.