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Gene is units of inheritance. It is a segment of DNA that provides instructions for synthesis of a specific protein or a particular type of RNA. It may be defined as a segment of DNA which is responsible for inheritance and expression of a particular character.
Gene is specific segment of DNA consisting of three structural units; Seymour Benzer (1955) distinguished three structural units as Cistron, Muton and Recon.

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A method is described that makes use of a new polyamide resin for the rapid synthesis of short oligodeoxyribonucleotides. The method is illustrated by the preparation of two heptadeoxyribonucleotides, d(pT6-C) and d(pC-A-G-T-G-A-T) using a phosphodiester approach. A further development involved use of phenyl isocyanate as an in situ drying agent, which obviated the need for solvent co-evaporation prior tothe internucleotidic coupling steps. Improved fractionation of thymidyl oligonucleotides was obtained by use of a new microparticulate, silica-based anion-exchanger.

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A DNA duplex coding for the 53 amino acids of human beta-urogastrone has been synthesised. Computer assisted design of the gene included restriction endonuclease sites for plasmid insertion, a termination codon and two triplets coding for lysine at the 5'-end of the structural gene. The synthesis involved preparation of 23 oligodeoxyribonucleotides by phosphotriester procedures coupled to rapid HPLC techniques. The gene was constructed in two halves by enzymatic ligation of the oligonucleotides and cloned into a specially constructed chimeric plasmid vector. Escherichia coli K12 MRC8 was transformed by the plasmid and clones containing the full gene sequence were isolated and characterised.

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A novel method of synthesizing a structural gene or gene fragment, consisting of the first synthesis of a single-stranded DNA (ssDNA), has been developed. As a preliminary test of this method, four synthetic genes or gene fragments have been synthesized. The first one with 396 base pairs (b.p.) codes for the mature rbcS from wheat, the next two with 370 and 342 b.p. respectively, for two half molecules of a gene for trichosanthin and the last one with 315 b.p. for the N-terminal 1-102 residues of human prourokinase. In all these syntheses, a plus-stranded DNA of the target gene was generally assembled by a stepwise or one step T4 DNA ligase reaction of six oligonucleotides (A, *pB, *pC, *pD, *pE and *pF) of 30-71 nucleotides long in the presence of two terminal complementary oligonucleotides (Ab' and eF') and three short inter-fragment complementary oligonucleotides (bc, cd and de). After purification, the synthetic ssDNA was inserted into a cloning vector, pWR13. The resulting product was directly used to transform a host cell. The structure of the cloned synthetic gene was confirmed by DNA sequence analysis.

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However, most methods for using off‐chip DNA for gene synthesis have failed to scale due to the high error rates, low yields, and high chemical complexity of the chip‐synthesized oligonucleotides.

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Protein Synthesis is the most important, essential and significant metabolic activity of the living world taking place in every living cell continuously. Biochemical reactions are essential for the actual phenotypic expression of any character in a living cell or in the body of an organism. Each biochemical reaction is catalyzed by a specific enzyme which initiates and complete the chemical reaction. Almost all enzymes are proteins. The cell also needs other structural proteins. Thousands of structural protein and catalytic proteins are required by cell continuously for its proper functioning.