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It announces, in addition to the topic, History thesis statement: UCLA History Department UCLA History Department What is a thesis statement?

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| Yahoo Answers i need a thesis statement on poverty in literature.

Why was it proof to me? For one thing, it was obscure footage and Armstrong’s leap is not easily noticed unless one knows what to look for. Nobody from NASA or the hoax debunker gang ever used that footage as evidence before 2001, as far as I know. The debate was always involved with Young’s jump, the loping astronauts, etc. It was so obscure that I have a difficult time imagining it being staged with wires or some other ruse.

people in other parts of the world are struggling to survive.

When Young leaped 18-19 inches off of the Moon, or the astronauts loped across the lunar surface, they did nothing that could not be easily done on Earth, with perhaps some film-speed tricks being played. Until I hit my pay dirt, the best evidence that I saw of astronaut activities happening on the Moon was the way that dust flew and other flying objects behaved, as though they were in a vacuum. If that was all faked, my mind went numb trying to figure out how they could have done it. The feather-dropping demonstration was something that could also have easily been faked. Here is the closest thing to “proof” that I have seen.

Our ancestors created their myths and told their stories for a human purpose.
Considering the ethics, cloning human beings is a disgrace to God's creation.

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Whatever they were doing in Jonestown, California Congressman Leo Ryan was getting heat from his constituents regarding their sons and daughters being spirited off to Guyana. Ryan decided to check out Jonestown himself and flew down there. Ryan's appearance "blew" the operation's cover and it had to be shut down. Ryan was murdered as he landed at Jonestown, which is the first and only time that an American Congressman has died in the line of duty. Then they liquidated Jonestown's 900 residents. They apparently tried turning the Jonestown inmates into automatons, and they getting everybody to drink the cyanide-laced Kool-Aid, but the people were not that far gone. Nearly everybody fled into the jungle. They were chased down, murdered, and hauled back to Jonestown.

Thesis Statement The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest wonder in the world.

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After I finished the first draft of this essay, Greer assembled 20 witnesses who talked on May 9, 2001 in Washington D.C. The 20 witnesses were apparently the best Greer could come up with, for those who were willing to talk without getting national security laws protection. They were almost all ex-military personnel. Only one of them said that they had actually seen an alien in the flesh. The others talked about tracking UFOs in planes and similar events. The witnesses with the best testimony apparently will not talk until they get protection. Greer did the best that he could with what he had, and there is some reason for optimism, but the media dismissed the testimonies as maybe those witnesses did not see what they thought they saw, even when most witnesses stated that they were told not to talk about what they saw. The “it will waste congress’s time” angle was again used. Is it worth waiving the national securities laws so that astronauts and generals can testify to what they have experienced?

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in addition, mind, poverty in the us thesis statement.

An effective thesis puts forth an arguable claim about an important problem and hones that claim by gesturing toward the essay’s supporting proofs. It thus has two parts: