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Fun Office Promotional Accessories Charlotte North Carolina

Customized Promotional Light Up Drinkware & Office Accessories

A lot of companies sell custom logo promotional products in Charlotte NC light-up drinkware. Most of them use decent quality LED’s, many of which change color, and many of these companies offer their light-up drinkware because they are smart enough to know that a lot of these products are being sold to be used poolside at tropical themed parties and corporate retreats.

What separates OUR promotional LED custom logo light up glasses, cups, mugs, shots glasses, and other drinkware from our competitors? How about the fact that EVERY single piece of promotional light-up drinkware featured in this blog is MADE IN THE USA Charlotte North Carolina.

Exciting Promotional Products Easy To Order For Charlotte NC Locals

At this point who doesn’t make customized logo power banks and Bluetooth speakers? If you’re looking for a little bit higher-end power banks or wireless custom logo Bluetooth speakers, you would be smart to at least consider the products from Bluetech. Check them out by clicking below or call IMP-Media for EXPERT assistance with your custom Bluetech advertising specialty items order.

Most sublimated blankets are poly fleece material, but we DO carry a handful of really nice woven sublimated blankets.

We’ve sold a TON of cool promotional items that would be suitable for aquariums, zoos, and other industries involving sea life and marine biology. Most of the pictures below of cool advertising items are clickable and will take you directly to the store, but some of them are so new that they aren’t online yet, so for those please call

Advertising Custom Printed Logo Promotional Inflatables

If you can’t find a reason to use customized inflatables at SOME point in your marketing or event planning life, then I feel bad for you. Inflatables = fun. Rock bands that throw custom printed inflatables or beach balls off the stage create a better atmosphere and give some lucky fan a timeless take-home souvenir. The same goes for cruise ship concerts and conventions where there is a keynote speaker. (if the one you click doesn’t go to the store it means the item is on special and call for better pricing)

Advertising Backpack Coolers

We sell insulated backpack coolers, waterproof backpack coolers, picnic backpack coolers, and more! We are Charlotte’s number 1 supplier. Below is the Item #1916 years of service cloisonne or lapel pin. We’ve sold these to many types of organizations because it is important to recognize such long service milestones.

We grew up in the promo industry, but if you wanted to get more specific, you could say that we grew up in the customized pen industry, working for a small high-end pen business on the upper Charlotte NC. Having worked around high end writing instruments for years, we can definitely say that we are more than a little bit familiar with the fantastic line of customized Cross pens, as they were, and continue to be, a force to be reckoned with in the promo business. Check out some of our favorites below, click to go to the store, or callĀ  to order.
Don’t be the restaurant that sells a $100 steak and then hands the customer the bill with the fake leather check presenter that was free from the credit card company. You did so well with creating the ultimate dining experience, now let’s finish it off correctly with the proper check presentation.

We offer the absolute finest wood check presenters in the promotional industry. Not only do we have a large choice of woods and finishes, but you also have the choice of laser engraved logo, printed logo, or laser engraved logo with our special darkening technique. These are available with clip on either side, or with an elastic band.

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