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Advantages of Memory Foam Mattresses In Charlotte

Advantages of Memory Foam Mattresses In Charlotte

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to sleep on a memory foam mattress you probably won’t forget the feeling of sinking into the thick, dense foam and feeling both supported yet free of tension and pressure Dilworth mattresses are both comfy and provided with a warranty. These attributes are what makes memory foam mattresses special and completely unlike conventional spring mattresses.

Also known as visco-elastic polyurethane foam, memory foam was developed in 1966 by NASA scientists who were searching for a way to make aircraft cushions safer. The scientists discovered that the newly developed foam was temperature-sensitive and had the ability to spring back from the pressure and regain its original shape. Years later this miracle foam was released to the public and was integrated into various products like football helmets, x-ray table pads and eventually mattresses.

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One of the most obvious health benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress is the elimination of pressure points and pressure sores due to the ability of the foam to distribute body weight evenly over the surface of the mattress. This phenomenon is dubbed the cradling effect by industry experts and is the primary reason why thousands of doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists recommend memory foam mattresses to their patients. The cradling effect promotes proper spinal alignment, can comfort those with chronic pain and relieve arthritis symptoms.

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Sleep experts estimate that over 33% of the US population is suffering from a sleep disorder. Laboratory tests have proven that memory foam mattresses decrease tossing and turning, eliminate sleep disturbance from movement and promote restful sleep. Memory foam mattresses are also beneficial to respiratory health. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America states that dust mites are one of the main triggers of respiratory distress. The foundation adds that the majority of dust mites are found in the bedroom. Using a memory foam mattress is highly effective in controlling dust mites. Memory foam contains inorganic materials which lack the food source that dust mites need to thrive. The composition of the foam also prevents years of dust and sloughed skin cells from accumulating which are another primary food source.

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Memory foam is utilized in an ever-increasing array of products from slippers and pillows to highly specialized medical devices due to it’s inherent versatility and wide range of benefits. It is no wonder that one of the most popular applications has become the mattress. Universally recognized as the place of sleep and rejuvenation, the mattress is where we go to rest and repair our bodies. Memory foam is a key ingredient in the improvement of sleep.

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