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Air Conditioning Company Charlotte NC

You can choose any number of AC repair companies in Charlotte NC, but we will make sure to maximize the time we spend repairing, maintaining, or upgrading your system so it will cost you less for the service AND so you will save as much money as possible in the efficiency of you HVAC unit.


Here are some things YOU CAN DO to save money on your cooling and heating:

1. Make sure to check your air filters regularly.
In Charlotte NC, there is a lot of dust in the air as well as allergens that get into the filter and clog up your Air Conditioning system. If you let the Filter leading to your ducts stay in too long without changing it, you will put your system through a lot of unnecessary stress. The air flow gets impeded and the unit needs to work longer to get the same amount of air it used to get much easier.
Not only that, but you’ll also allow more dirt and impurities into the main system. That becomes a much more difficult problem, as it will eventually cause the main unit to malfuncion or need to be maintained more often. Do yourself and your wallet a favor…change your air filter regularly.
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2.Homeowners aren’t always aware that they are supposed to regularly maintain their HVAC systems in order for them to run smoothly for many years to come. Most are not familiar with how to do that. That is where we come in. Our professionals may save you money in the long run simply by doing a regular cleaning and check up of the system.

3. Typically, an HVAC system will make common noises, have no smell, and behave in a normal pattern. Be aware of the differences your system makes. It will usually give you warning signs that something is about to go wrong before it malfunctions on you. Pay particular attention to the smell. That is typically the first sign of a problem on the rise. You should regularly check the pan under your main indoor unit to see if the pan is catching and draining any fluid that drips out. If you notice the pan getting full, you can prevent it from over flowing and causing further damage to your ceiling or walls. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your HVAC, it’s time to give Air Conditioning Company Charlotte NC a call.

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