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How to Choose the Best Computer Graphics Cards

Computer graphics cards are used in PCs to give powerful animations and high resolution displays. A powerful graphics card is an important component of any PC, particularly if it is going to be used to play games effectively at high resolutions. So to help you choose a suitable graphics card for your PC, here are a few valuable tips:

Know What is in a Powerful Graphics Card

A powerful graphics card has some unique features. For example in an AMD graphics card like the ATI Radeon HD 6850, you will see the following components:

* Graphics processors (GPU). This is the brain of the graphics card that contains billions of transistors and handles thousands of calculations to give the wonderful 3D effects.

* High speed GDDR5 memory of up to 3 GB or more with clock speed of about 1500MHz

* A port for connecting the card to the computer monitor. For example a DVI, HDMI or the most recent DisplayPort, which supports the highest monitor resolution.

Consider the Kind of Games You Play

The kind of games you play is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a computer graphics card. First person shooting games, such as Spec ops – the Line, will require a more powerful graphics card than strategy games like Civilization 5. Role playing games like Diablo 3 will run on mid-range graphics cards. Indie games like Minecraft and other multi-player online games do not require high powered graphics cards to run effectively.

While the chips are cutting edge, they’re usually not too much more noticeably efficient than those priced slightly lower. Performance will increase, without a doubt, but you won’t see the same kind of effects as opposed to buying a $300 chip over a $150 one. Now that you know more about graphic cards, you can more easily find one to suit your needs while sticking to your budget. Only buy the features that you find necessary; you can spend a lot of extra money unnecessarily by being coaxed in by bells and whistles.

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