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Driving Your Boat On/Off A Trailer – Don’t Do It!

Many people will drive their boat both on and off a trailer. I personally do not think it is a good idea. Below are my main reasons why you should never drive your boat either on or off your trailer.

If you drive your boat off the trailer, you are putting stress on your engine as soon as you get into the water. Most people allow their cars a few seconds to warm up, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your boat? Most engines will require substantial revving to give them enough power to slide a boat off the back of a trailer. This revving causes stress on the motor and will most likely decrease it’s life span considerably.

Driving a boat onto a trailer is just as bad. Although the engine would have warmed up, you are likely to stir up the sand with your propellor. This stirring up of the sand means the water that flows into your engine is also going to be mucky. Sand and other debris will enter your motor which can build up and cause damage.

When riding your boat onto your trailer you are also more likely to run aground, or worse still hit your propellor into something. Riding the boat onto your trailer also takes a fare bit of skill and opens up the possibility of a multitude of accidents.

So what is the best way to get your boat too and from your trailer? Use the winch! If the effort of manually winching isn’t for you, consider upgrading to an electric winch. It will ultimately be better for your boat, therefore giving you more years of trouble free boating.

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